How is my child/family affected by bedwetting?

Bedwetting is very common, but unfortunately not a common subject for discussion. Embarrassment keeps many children and parents from talking about the issue, even with their doctor. They suffer in silence, and negative impacts can be great.

Emotional Impact

A survey of children who wet their beds at 12 years of age showed that only parental divorce and arguments are associated with more stress than bedwetting.

Bedwetting takes its toll on a child:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Sadness, anger, embarrassment
  • Social isolation (opting out of important developmental activities like camp/sleepovers)
  • Teasing and bullying
  • Anger and frustration within the family and toward the child

What can you do right now to lessen the emotional impact?

  • Remind your child that bedwetting is not his or her fault.
  • Let your child know that lots of kids have the same problem.
  • Avoid any anger, frustration, blame, or punishment.
  • Be supportive and patient.
  • Provide praise and encouragement for all successes and efforts.
  • Put a stop to any teasing by siblings.

Financial Impact


A seven-year-old who wets the bed has a 50% chance that he or she will continue to wet the bed for another five years. This is $ 1,500 in diapers.

Diapers are usually a good way to keep a bed dry, but they damage self-esteem and are expensive. A bedwetting alarm costs less than $ 100. This treatment cures the problem and pays for itself several times over by eliminating diaper use. Some health care plans even cover the cost.

Environmental Impact


It is estimated that diapers are the third largest single waste product behind newspapers and beverage containers.

Diapers are made of wood products (pulp) and superabsorbent polymers (SAP). SAP is made primarily from by-products of ethylene and gasoline production (acrylic acid derivatives). These polymeric particles act as tiny sponges that retain many times their weight in water. Diapers work well but have a massive environmental impact. Curing bedwetting with a bedwetting alarm can spare the globe with no downsides.

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