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Why I started DryMaker®

I had not heard much about bedwetting until I worked as a representative for a company promoting a medication for bedwetting. More importantly, I had no idea what it meant for those affected. Most people probably don’t, unless they have a close connection with somebody who is a bedwetter. Unfortunately, it is not a common subject for discussion.

I quickly met several family physicians who told me about their cases. For example, the-28-year-old who sought treatment for bedwetting for the very first time. His bedwetting had even been an issue in his marriage breakup. Another case involved an adult who had initially sought help as a seven-year-old. She had been told by her family physician not to worry and that she would outgrow it very soon. She had not been told that it could be treated. It had taken her 13 years to go back to a physician for advice. Both cases where easily treated and cured within three weeks.

These cases are perhaps extreme, but they are also telling in how much embarrassment is involved. Why would somebody wait until their 20s to seek help? It is just so totally unnecessary.

Bedwetting can be Treated!

Bedwetting can be cured by a proven treatment that is completely safe, and inexpensive.
The case of the physician who never gave any information about treatment options is unfortunately also very common. Some physicians lack expertise in the area, and others downplay the need for intervention. While most are well intentioned, many do not fully understand how much children can be affected by bedwetting.

I used to work with a professor in Pediatric Urology at UBC, Dr. James Carter. He had an enuresis clinic at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. He told me that bedwetting was one of the most rewarding conditions to treat. His patients always came back with big smiles. Bedwetting was something that he could easily cure, unlike some other conditions that his patients suffered with. He felt strongly that it is not just patients who are missing out, but also the physicians who ignore or marginalize the problem of bedwetting.

Bedwetting is simply not well known and not talked about. Treatment, particularly with a bedwetting alarm, is even less well known. There are many physicians who have not heard about bedwetting alarms, the first-line treatment. Many more have no idea how to properly use a bedwetting alarm. Unfortunately, families cannot make informed decisions about bedwetting treatments without the facts and the options. There is a big gap in information and education, and it needs to be filled.

This is fundamentally why I, along with my daughters, started DryMaker®.We want to help children feel good about themselves! Something has to be done to get the message out. This is our mission!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

Mats Lundstrom, Founder of DryMaker®

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