DryMaker® Bedwetting Alarm

Safe, effective, inexpensive treatment without drugs

A bedwetting alarm is a moisture-sensing device that teaches a child to wake up before bedwetting occurs. It is the only treatment proven to cure nocturnal enuresis (the medical term for bedwetting).

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Up to 90% of children become completely dry within 3-4 months.

A bedwetting alarm is the recommended first-line treatment in all published guidelines, including those by the Canadian Paediatric Society.

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"I did it!" with DryMaker®

Children are really happy and proud when they get dry. Few things make parents feel better than seeing their children happy and confident. That's what motivates us at DryMaker® to help you help your child get dry and stay dry, permanently.

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Children who wet their beds cannot do anything to control their urination while they are asleep. They are not doing it on purpose and it is not related to laziness or disobedience. Avoid any punishment or anger. Instead, give plenty of encouragement and support.

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